How to Use Leverage and Work Smarter not Harder  

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quick video showing the advantage of using leverage and working smarter not harder. Anytime you can use a tool other than your body, do it! Your older self will thank you!

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12 Jun 2021



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RR Buildings
RR Buildings Vor Monat
PLEASE READ!! clearly there is so much confusion based on these comments. Let me clear a couple things up. First and Foremost...my safety is important...I do what I know and feel comfortable with. Now to address the common comments 1.) I am building a structure with an 80' truss. If you have never done that, understand the truss is just basically hanging there at the moment and the shear weight of it makes it want to fall over. I am not adding "stress: to my nail once constructed. I am pulling the truss to plumb so it can be secured properly. 2:). I am never going to hurt this "square" or triangle as some want to call it. I promise you, this is not hard on it. 3:). I am pounding in a 60d hardened ringshank. While there are a couple nail guns on the market that can shoot this nail (I own one) it is impractical and even more unsafe to be up on this structure with an air hose. They don't make a battery powered nailgun for this. With that being said, anyone that wants to send a video to me of them pounding one of these nails in with three hits as so many have claimed, I will send them something as a congratulations for being such an awesome dude...for me, I can't. 4'). FINALLY, I am nailing exactly where I want to nail. It is a 2-ply truss. I can't nail in the center or the nail will have no holding power. I am nailing in the center of the truss closest to me....the one I pointed at originally. I hope this helps some of you. I don't normally feel the need to correct so many of you or answer with a response, but I hope everyone understands, this is not going to fall over due to too much stress now, my square isn't broken, the nail is not going to break (the reason we use them for this application), and while I'll never wear a hardness in my scissor lift under these circumstances, I do agree, standing on a rail is not "safe" but how it's my best option for this situation. Most just climb the truss, I try to work out of the lift for the added safety. Thank you for coming to my TED talk Kyle
Me Now
Me Now Vor 20 Stunden
Beam me up scotty i that chance.
Me Now
Me Now Vor 20 Stunden
@tulmax82 be easy to make a proper lever tool to do that job with less strain and no need for banging in a second nail.
Me Now
Me Now Vor 20 Stunden
@Trevor Laporte is he detained
Me Now
Me Now Vor 20 Stunden
@MaharlikaAWA its called a square because its made for squaring up timber. Its not a triangle because a triangle is three sided not two.
Me Now
Me Now Vor 20 Stunden
So what if you only have a plastic square? I we would have to call you up?😂
J. ESPN Vor Stunde
Decreased accuracy of the measuring tools
Mafia Boyz 357
Mafia Boyz 357 Vor Stunde
Is it me or did the line not match up after? 😂
NicholasAlexander Vor 2 Stunden
But isn’t it bad to add more holes than necessary into the wood. I’m just sayin it seems like it could and would cause problems in the frame in the future just on how wood acts. I mean I’m no carpenter or builder. But this seems like not so great of an idea. If anyone can clarify on why this isn’t bad I would love to know why it isn’t. I’m just curious because it’s kinda interesting.
NicholasAlexander Vor 2 Stunden
And by the way I mean the extra nail he used to pull the triable thing to pull the wood. I just don’t think it’s good to add extra holes in the wood to prevent cracking and such. I mean it looks like he knows what he’s doing, just seems a little unnecessary to add more holes in the wood, but I can see that he is creating a fulcrum with the nail and the triable thing.
Michael Sandefur
Michael Sandefur Vor 3 Stunden
That wasn't on the line.
Eduardo Evia
Eduardo Evia Vor 3 Stunden
Debió usar arnés.
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Vor 5 Stunden
Life hack same priciple but with a clamp nail on one end 2×4 on the other
Eustaquio Cardoso
Eustaquio Cardoso Vor 6 Stunden
I'm even smarter and faster. I use a Hitachi coil nail gun... 😊
Georgio BENELLI Vor 6 Stunden
Can't do that with a plastic Harbor Freight speed square
Donald child rapisTrump Yes I'm a POS
Cant u just tie a chain around it and go rent a front end loader or a bulldozer and pull it? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about everything else, except hammering. And your budget.
De last king TD
De last king TD Vor 9 Stunden
This is superb, I love this.
Sebastian Mols Poulsen
In denmark u would get a fine for breaking safety rules, u must wear harness around the waist at minimum when using a scissor lift. Always safety first, special in high hights. Plus i can se there is a forklift of somekind above u and then u must wear a helmet and then dont get me startet 😅
420Slander Vor 11 Stunden
That nail not centre
Ebrahim Vor 11 Stunden
Idiotic 6 feet corona rule made people's forget there used to be a time someone holds it for you while you hammer the nail!
Ramon Bachmann
Ramon Bachmann Vor 12 Stunden
End then te square is not anymore a square😂
RockLee 6
RockLee 6 Vor 12 Stunden
He know he can put his foot?
Braedon Malmholt
Braedon Malmholt Vor 15 Stunden
Well done Kyle, clearly you take pride in your work. Never give up, never surrender! Thanks for the tips.
Camren Woodstock
Camren Woodstock Vor 16 Stunden
Or you could push it and shoot it with a nail gun lol
FizzY WizzY
FizzY WizzY Vor 17 Stunden
Maybe thats why houses cost shit and last til a bit of wind 🤣
asarob Vor 18 Stunden
Look at you go, Daddy.
Staas Innovations
Staas Innovations Vor 18 Stunden
Rule number 1, only ever take advice from someone you aspire to be! Never take building advice from someone that doesn't care about basic safety procedures or you'll end up dead!
MUSTAPID AMNA Vor 18 Stunden
Kenapa tukang jndonesia stile.a tidak begini ya.. rapii
Implacablu Prophet
Implacablu Prophet Vor 18 Stunden
He still didn't nail it to the centerline.
Валера Боров
А что не по центру забил...?Потом ещё тот гвоздь вынимать...
bogomil spasov
bogomil spasov Vor 21 Stunde
I would pull it towards me with mu leg and then nail it ...
Dragon1320 J
Dragon1320 J Vor 21 Stunde
Nice trick but next time I’d be looking look around for OSHA. If there was and OSHA inspector on that job you’d definitely get fined big time. I’ve seen inspectors fine a guy on a 6ft ladder because he broke the plane of the ladder without his harness connected. Side note he was only grabbing his tape measure off the top of the staging so he stepped up to the second step to see if it was up there and got fined.
keanu kho
keanu kho Vor 22 Stunden
A L I F Y U D A Vor 23 Stunden
Bukan kully jawa
P A N Vor 23 Stunden
Yang pasti bukan kuli JAWA
Trevor Nakai-Trujillo
But first: Is this OSHA approved?
Janggut 40
Janggut 40 Vor Tag
Awesome. Good tips and trick
Burner Burner
And he didnt nailed it in the middle
jean-luc paradis
Your girlfriend got a nice triangle .you know.
jean-luc paradis
Oh shoot.you broke my square!
Cecep Jarkasih
Travis Prepchuk
I’ve built many of these pole barns
James Sanderson
Hey everyone I am gay
James Jenkins
Serious question. If everything the right size, angle, etc, should the truss he was pulling just already be in line? Like, aren't there building schematics for a reason? Forgive any ignorance, I genuinely don't understand why he had to pull it to him.
Keith Tawanpiy
Lol I think your way is more work
Travis Hooper
Your off 3/4" bro
Shafie Abdullah
Safety first
Ryan Lascala
Ryan Lascala Vor Tag
Way to much work. You'd get fired on a real job site for taking too long bro! And where is your hard hat, talking about all this safety!
Charles Chancellor
That was way overly complicated
Sai Prayastha
Let khaby see this video instead of using that device you can come this side and lean on the wood and use your thighs to push it and hands to nail down
Fred Alaniz
Fred Alaniz Vor Tag
That’s a no no on the scissor lift
Heyhey Saturday
I still wouldn't do that what happens if you slipped , bad idea
Km Andrews_
Km Andrews_ Vor Tag
Loser hammer....
Sean Faber
Sean Faber Vor Tag
TBH it looked a lot less awkward and made more sense to do it the way you were trying to avoid.
dd3831 Vor Tag
Until you drop the square lol
Ivan Boyd
Ivan Boyd Vor Tag
Buddy you're a hack. Who tf uses a layout tool for leverage 😂😂
Thien Tam Hoang
Im using plastic ruler 🥲
Jason Glaubke
Now do I need a 200$ hammer for this to work?
Arbitrage Ninja
He didnt make it to the line 🥺🥺🥺
hairlesheep Vor Tag
Why are the majority of houses in America built like sheds? I have visited two 3rd world countries and seen backyard garages/sheds built like this.
Hardline Manufacturing
I love all your stuff, but using a square as pry bar is not ok.
Kyle B
Kyle B Vor Tag
It also helps if u have a 300$ titanium square.
Mitchell Arkinstall
Shouldn’t the truss be in line anyway?
Bob TheBlob
Bob TheBlob Vor Tag
Now he can only make 80 degree angles
bang ali
bang ali Vor Tag
Teman anda yang merekam fungsinya buat apa?
Nick Keene
Nick Keene Vor 2 Tage
“I want this line at the center” *proceeds to not center it at all*
We're all thinking the same thing. But it's 2 ply. So it's 2 pieces put together. He got the middle of the piece closest to him (which he pointed at the start)
Robert Fain
Robert Fain Vor 2 Tage
So we not gonna talk about how he hammers with both arms or what
jotrey fegurgur
jotrey fegurgur Vor 2 Tage
No harness not very smart of you
REDNECK Vor 2 Tage
Nicely done. Thanks
paul se
paul se Vor 2 Tage
Good trick, I'm just curious about who taught u how to use a scissor lift.
GP P Vor 2 Tage
Who's this a trick for?? Lol. Every framer thinks you're a joke!.... No amature, do it your selfer, is framing a house! Get lost
Miguel Acosta
Miguel Acosta Vor 2 Tage
Or just have a good line instead of building a crooked house
Ian Fenner
Ian Fenner Vor 2 Tage
Why is it so far off to begin with? I know wood is warped sometimes but was this just mis measured or what?
Clinton Sherry
Clinton Sherry Vor 2 Tage
Who uses a hammer get a nail gun if this is work smarter not harder duh!
Matt Lord
Matt Lord Vor 2 Tage
The nicest speed square I have ever seen that would go in the gun safe and never get used.
Polat Alemdar
Polat Alemdar Vor 2 Tage
Why do they use nails instead of screws can someone please explain, cause I thought nails squik over time
Gary Suarez
Gary Suarez Vor 2 Tage
Brilliance in simplicity.
Damn you think that far off something may be wrong ?
toordog Vor 2 Tage
You can tell he never gets up there based on his swing... lol
Leonardo Reis
Leonardo Reis Vor 2 Tage
So the square is no longer square and you missed the line
TUAN ĐO Vor 2 Tage
JP Mossin
JP Mossin Vor 2 Tage
Idc personally but shouldnt you have a harness
지붕이 Vor 2 Tage
와우~ 반갑습니다. !!!!! 영상 너무 재밌어요....!!!! 멋져요 👍 😍 💕 😎
Birros Polanski
Birros Polanski Vor 2 Tage
Next he'll show us how to use a scissor lift safely 🤣
Mathieu Patterson official
Everyone: *talking about building shit* Me: *horrified of how high he his off the ground*
aaron urban
aaron urban Vor 3 Tage
Geez get a real hammer.
Cereal Killa
Cereal Killa Vor 3 Tage
Are you serious here? Do you not own a framing gun? Also, 7" isn't much leverage. Screw a 6' 2x4 into the side of that truss and put it where you want. 😉
estevon hernandez
He’s about 3/8 of center
Robert Garcia Ortega Dino Senior
Now that's a labor savior, 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Miguel Quazar
Miguel Quazar Vor 3 Tage
Are those the Home Depot specials? The discounted 2 x Bows?
D A Vor 3 Tage
Still looked like a good inch from the line 🤣
James Griggs
James Griggs Vor 3 Tage
Just was wondering why your boards and measurements was offf mark?
Francisco Arenas
Francisco Arenas Vor 3 Tage
That's to much work Thiers an easyer way
Kabuang's Channel
We dont have that kind of triangle material here in the philippines. wen u use it like that it breaks. hahahhaha
TheDkb427 Vor 3 Tage
You can also use another hammer or nail puller. God I need a life besides working lol
CeresEclipse Vor 3 Tage
How do Amish people do it?
Mr Mellow Crafty
Mr Mellow Crafty Vor 3 Tage
You know it's illegal to step on the side railings. On that their JLG boom lift your using. Be careful posting this. Also when outside you should be using a harness that's tied off to your scissor lift. In Case you fall over the other side of that their beam you stuck your knee on. Everybody says that will never happen to me. It happens alot. Be safe out there.
Dave Kelly
Dave Kelly Vor 3 Tage
Your square will end up (not square) if you keep using it for that 🤣
Nekro Rotinvag
Nekro Rotinvag Vor 3 Tage
lol, that is no trick
Jaden Deckard
Jaden Deckard Vor 3 Tage
Me watching this and thinking about how OSHA would react😂
Dustin Clark
Dustin Clark Vor 3 Tage
Thanks now I have a speed not square.
RebelRedShirt _
RebelRedShirt _ Vor 3 Tage
Still didnt get it to the line
Steven Harris
Steven Harris Vor 3 Tage
My man up there with no harness, no safety line, and pretty much breaking every safety standard out there.
Clayton Shively
Clayton Shively Vor 3 Stunden
@Steven Harris I was just joking, I've only broken safety rules once and that was 2 yrs ago because the bucket truck didn't have a harness
Steven Harris
Steven Harris Vor 5 Stunden
@Clayton Shively I’d rather be a punk and healthy than crippled or worse. You ever see somebody fall off a ladder? Fun fact for you. You have a fifty percent chance of dying from a fall from a ten foot ladder. It gets worse the higher you get. What do you think this guys chances were at that height?
Clayton Shively
Clayton Shively Vor 5 Stunden
Safety is for punks
Siouxperman Vor 2 Tage
At least he has safety glasses on tho, sorta. Haha
justinas Pipinis
justinas Pipinis Vor 3 Tage
Standing on the handrail that's the new trick......
Back Down On The Boat
Came to the comments for all the armchair engineers….