newcomb's paradox 

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hey it's me gabe (@gabesweats) from tiktok! in this video, i go over the newcomb's paradox.
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6 Jun 2021



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Joseph “fullautomania” Tom
Box 2
Black Mullet
Black Mullet Vor 32 Minuten
Why TF would you pick only 2
nikeey Vor 34 Minuten
I do not have luck so idc just box two or so🤣
Rage Snake
Rage Snake Vor 39 Minuten
The only thing I cared is to focus on the op parcore gameplay
Joe McHugh
Joe McHugh Vor 44 Minuten
I don’t take any I’m in uk we don’t have dollars 🤣
streamix Vor Stunde
I would shake the box and test its weight
Mr IgTp
Mr IgTp Vor Stunde
Chose both boxes but start by taking from box 2 first. If there is a million then yay if not then just move on to box one.
M A Y KZIN Vor 2 Stunden
Name music?
If it's made the correct decision then the million is in box 2 and I'm taking it
fodee Vor 2 Stunden
I did not know what are you saying
Adrian Corona
Adrian Corona Vor 2 Stunden
I didn't understand anything
The psychedelic background and changing text made me take 3 repeats to understand lol
Leo Lai
Leo Lai Vor 4 Stunden
Can I just break the supercomputer before picking a box?
Venøm CREW
Venøm CREW Vor 4 Stunden
I'd just take 1,000
Red Jolty
Red Jolty Vor 5 Stunden
I'll just take two because it will still give me a million, what's an extra 1000? Compared to a mil
?Alex¿wilde Vor 5 Stunden
Brrrr that loop
Little Angel 09
Little Angel 09 Vor 5 Stunden
But why did you forget about box one? The easiest answer is box one
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Vor 5 Stunden
The answer is obvious: uses my cybernetics and augments to hack into the supercomputer, becoming one with its matrix, a free thinking & sentient being
Abducco Vor 6 Stunden
Me: **smashes the supercomputer**
mint tree
mint tree Vor 6 Stunden
Box 2🤔🤔🤔🤔
Celia Alarcon
Celia Alarcon Vor 6 Stunden
But wich box os box 2
Celia Alarcon
Celia Alarcon Vor 6 Stunden
Banana Ao Mar
Banana Ao Mar Vor 6 Stunden
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Vor 5 Stunden
My brain usage: idle 3% work 5% math test 10% THIS VIDEO error% (e)
•YumiDaChexry• Vor 6 Stunden
;-; I'm not looking at the words I'm looking at her/his pakour movement lol-
jayant Kumar meena
jayant Kumar meena Vor 7 Stunden
What you said is literally not gone in my mind 🙂
Maj Ramirez
Maj Ramirez Vor 7 Stunden
Box two
Emma Brown
Emma Brown Vor 7 Stunden
Him: you ether pick both or pick box 2 Me: why can I not have the first
Simon S
Simon S Vor 7 Stunden
Paradoxes aren’t interesting because they all go like this
dinogamerboi Vor 7 Stunden
I would just decryp the computer and just pick either or, but I would always just pick... wait what if this vid is to help the computer!!
nnioop nnioop
nnioop nnioop Vor 8 Stunden
I sit on my phone the whole time reading things the describe a computer dying by human hands
bailey heath
bailey heath Vor 8 Stunden
I wasn't even paying attention to the words, I was just watching the video
Nicholi Rodouski
Nicholi Rodouski Vor 8 Stunden
I'd flip a coin. Leave it all up to luck.
Thefourthsannin Vor 9 Stunden
See which one is heavier easy
Rich Krana
Rich Krana Vor 11 Stunden
Why is choosing box 2 an option people would make if u just can choose both and win?
Zbot Vor 11 Stunden
Simple, I shoot whoever is running this sketchy operation and take my million, plus the millions that they were going to potentially give to everyone else
MikeSnipes Vor 12 Stunden
Wish my computer could read my mind
Marten Verner Misnik
Marten Verner Misnik Vor 12 Stunden
My brain usage: idle 3% work 5% math test 10% THIS VIDEO error% (e)
buttload of milk
buttload of milk Vor 12 Stunden
the extra thousand isn’t worth the risk. box two
Kings Razer one
Kings Razer one Vor 13 Stunden
I just want a optik too my camera so I take box 1 cus I just wan't too
SMM_Sillyslyguy Vor 13 Stunden
I mean… I actually thought of just picking box one before the “box two only or both” option so does that mean I lose no matter what 😂
Thomas Griffith
Thomas Griffith Vor 6 Stunden
Either way you get $1000
dreamy. days
dreamy. days Vor 13 Stunden
Whatever box I collapse on due to be function Brain guess I know don’t ?do
Laila Bonner
Laila Bonner Vor 13 Stunden
Ok this is just confusing me!
YevTheKidGS Vor 14 Stunden
Your prediction is wrong cause I actually choose to open only box one
ExtraWeirdable Vor 14 Stunden
Well, I’m very sure I’d get the logic behind it and just open box 2. If it’s empty the computer is wrong for the first time and I’ll break it, and otherwise I’d have a million. This shit ain’t really a paradox, if the computer is really that sophisticated it’ll know anyone with common sense would only open box 2.
Thomas Griffith
Thomas Griffith Vor 6 Stunden
That’s exactly what I was thinking
Drustar Man
Drustar Man Vor 14 Stunden
Ill just kick the fuck out of the robot and sell it for scrap if it's a super computer i can get a lot of cash guarantee
Χρήστος Βερουχης
Lil yatchy plays Minecraft ?!!!Can I have your IP now???
Top5gamers Vor 16 Stunden
So there's 3 options Open box 1: $1000 Open box 1,2: $1001000 or $1000 Open box 2: $0 or $1000000 Box 1 and 2 is best in all scenarios?
Thomas Griffith
Thomas Griffith Vor 6 Stunden
No open both boxes you get $1000. You will never get $1,001,000 from the computer.
-The_ Emperor-
-The_ Emperor- Vor 16 Stunden
Bold of you to assume that I would be tempted by currency mortals desire.
THe pokenerd
THe pokenerd Vor 17 Stunden
I just want the boxes screw the money
Lvelyelis Vor 17 Stunden
I don’t get it but box 1 because I don’t wanna be greedy
OceanDragon56 Vor 17 Stunden
The reward is worth more than the risk so I would absolutely open the box with the possible million
minij hooi
minij hooi Vor 18 Stunden
The answer is obvious: uses my cybernetics and augments to hack into the supercomputer, becoming one with its matrix, a free thinking & sentient being
Legend Maxcron
Legend Maxcron Vor 18 Stunden
You sound like gaara from naruto
chronicles Vor 19 Stunden
As soon as you said it I picked box two sooo I win
Andrew Vor 20 Stunden
You could just randomize your choice and make the computers prediction useless
minij hooi
minij hooi Vor 18 Stunden
I mean if you know me you would know I would pick both because more money is better
hat Vor 20 Stunden
Whenever I watch this guy L's theme starts playing
LefterisLegend Vor 20 Stunden
"Never made a mistake before" that means 100% accuracy, so picking only box 2 is the way to go, because if you only pick that it has a 100% chance of having 1 mil. If you were to choose both, then box 2 has a 100% chance of having nothing.
Astade Weeken
Astade Weeken Vor 3 Stunden
Yes, but it also says the supercomputer has done it "hundreds of times before", so with your way of thinking, the real question for the player would be if that is enough to calculate its accuracy accurately. Just because it has done something correct 100 times doesnt mean it will do it correct the 101th.. the supercomputer only has 100% accuracy until it predicts wrong, which may be in your game.. Do you want to take that chance? ;)
BlackLine Vor 21 Stunde
I just focus to your minecraft not the text....
ISleep 2Dream (Yonoka)
I honestly would've chosen box two before I even knew about the supercomputer thing. Either I make it big, or I leave with what I came with. I don't really lose anything
VegeTo Vor 21 Stunde
Bro, I will choose box 2, cuz picking both only makes 1000 dollars. and i don't really care about 1000 dollars or 0 dollars so box 2 eventho i might get nothing
Xavier Solomon
Xavier Solomon Vor 22 Stunden
I'm the idiot that only takes box one
honey bunny
honey bunny Vor 22 Stunden
I chose none I just have one dollar tho ; -:
小白融融 Vor Tag
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow Vor Tag
I chose the first box
ᗪ O ᗰ ᗩ ドーマ ༒
_Me: Well I Got A Simple Solution For That._ *Explodes Computer And Snatches All The Boxes*
LoLeander Vor Tag
For the supercomputer the past and the present are one. I'll pick box two. The computer can keep the 1000 dollars of box one as a tip.
Damian Brumfield
Dude said the paradox wrong and now there are arguments in the comments.
Let’s find the sea
*breaks computer*
Froggy Gacha (Max)
I always love the loops on these videos
TRXlord 09
TRXlord 09 Vor Tag
I mean if you know me you would know I would pick both because more money is better
Tesla_Panda Vor Tag
Thexology98 Vor Tag
i might be wrong but… schrödinger’s money…?
Lucas Hancock
I picked box 2 I love mystery box games
Darkowolf Vor Tag
{inaya} Vor Tag
😵You talk too much
Mikaela Angela San Juan
Okay, is it just me or someone else is watching his minecraft obby instead of listening of what he was saying-
But what if i open a portal to a different dimension where i pick the second and open it then i steal my selfs money go back to my dimension open my the two boxes and give the money i get to my other dimension self with a disguise meaning that me just got a free 100 000 dollars while i got one million then i ask him for a favor to which is to do the exact same that i did but to myself meaning I go broke my other self gets 1.1 mil but then ill ask for the money in my disguise why? theres really no reason I just wanted to make it long but in the end ill always get no money because i would have an infinite war against myself for the money until i only get 500 000 while the other me get 600 000
I’d gladly lose out on 1k if I’m getting a million
Prince Babasa
Ill take the 1k because I'm in a different country and I think a doller is better than ₱
Reverse Uno
Reverse Uno Vor Tag
Lol i would pick both because i would sit there for years trying to decide which one i want LMFAO 💀
DajeMustard Vor Tag
So just pick both boxes guaranteed 1000 dollars
ArcticFox975 Vor Tag
It wouldn’t be predicting your choice it would be telling you what to choose
Scarlet Rose
Scarlet Rose Vor Tag
So the trick is to not be an indecisive little bitch and pick box 2
Halo Noob
Halo Noob Vor Tag
Just take box two and think of taking box two from the get go easy
jynzx Vor Tag
so he's just taking from Vsauce2 now?
JohnMatthew Solanoy
Solution:stand near the box two but then get both of them
Eduardo Solano
Or just do a human move and pick box one
Comet Vor Tag
* me who would instantly take box 2 even if it had zero dollars in it because either way it’s a 50/50 *
U pick both boxes because you entered with nothing and have a thousand dollars guaranteed
BuubleeZ Vor Tag
$1000 is enough, I can buy like 50 bts meals or something
ryan “El gourari”
Mill u cant do anything with it on creepy houses
Davin Berg
Davin Berg Vor Tag
666k likes?? Is this a paradox in its self?
Simp for Quackity
This short has 666k likes-
SaLewGian Vor Tag
I pick the second one, if I pick both there wont be anything on box 2
Kirino Bestgirl
If I had the choice of those 2 boxes The answer is easy Box 2 I can always work hard for 3 paychecks to get 1000 But the chance to get 1mil is a life changing Could be for better or worse tho...
Oboro Shirakumo!
You have the best job if on 3 days, you'd get 1000 dollars.
tiuCriC Vor Tag
Already caught it when he finished the run again lol.
Viper King
Viper King Vor Tag
The King of Antarctica
$1000 isn't that much, so it would hardly be considered "taking a risk" if I picked the second box.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Vor Tag
Everyone: which box should i choose Me: Just gonna sell the supercomputer for millions
Lexi Vor Tag
Imagine there being 666k likes lol
the man from taured
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