Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life - Gameplay Trailer 

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Dasa Suresh
Dasa Suresh Vor 12 Tage
I love u bro I love vibeos I love sea of thieves sea of thieves is my life
Linda Foley
Linda Foley Vor 13 Tage
I want this game so bad but have playstation love pirates of carrabeen
FaZeGrEgPaUl634 Vor 15 Tage
Joseph Russell
Joseph Russell Vor 17 Tage
Fix the sunken Pearl tall tale many people who have done this quest multiple times can't finish it because of plenty of glitches like the chest of sorrows disappearing in the tunnel on the way to the room before the boss and certain rooms being locked because of no apparent reason other than possibly other people's checkpoints
Ahri Dreamer
Ahri Dreamer Vor 2 Tage
I think they’ve fixed most glitches but I know there are still many cause I’ve had two chests of sorrow spawn and sometimes the siren hearts spawn weirdly however I think they’ve fixed the doors locking
NBT Community
NBT Community Vor 12 Tage
I've heard people have had problems with it, just open the door and pick up the chest, move the chest to center of the boat then climb up when the Kraken is defeated. I never experienced any issues doing this.
Starforged Gamers
Starforged Gamers Vor 19 Tage
man I sure do love being 1 com away from 100% because the inbread moron that created TT2 still cant fix it. Its been 2 weeks and the damn chest still despawns right after the kraken fight when you do threw the door. HOW HAS THIS GUY NOT BEEN FIRED FOR THIS??????
Blue n Red gaming
Blue n Red gaming Vor 22 Tage
PLEASE add a new ship set that is pirate legend exclusive which is the Flying Dutchman but is called “dark ferry man” PLEASE I grinned to PL and it’s simply not worth it…
rynxOW Vor 22 Tage
Sea of thieves should've added to the Jack sparrow outfit bundle the Outfit without the hat and jacket too.
Наука и Легенды
Joseco 790
Joseco 790 Vor 28 Tage
Fix ur game pls
pieselyt 111
pieselyt 111 Vor 29 Tage
Proszę dodajcie do PS4 proszę wykupie odrazu proszę
The Voices Told Me To Again
I just experienced a MAJOR glitch problem. And to make matters worse, Xboxs capture and record system doesnt always work properly so i couldnt even get video proof to show what happened. And to explain it is going to be very complicated. So, i was soloing a galleon. Stopped at Sunken Grove to do a quest while i waited for my friends to join me. I started fishing after the quest was completed. I was standing on the front of the ship (bow?) fishing when the server reset. As per usual, the fish snapped off my line and i lost my bait. But heres where the problem began. I was cooking trophy fish as i caught smaller fish. The server reset and it caused me to launch to the right and a little forward, right off the ship and into the water. I was anchored so no big deal. I turned back and went to my right side ladder and started to climb up. Once i got to the top and was stepping foot onto the top deck, the game glitched me into the bottom floor of the ship, half in the ship and half out. Like i became a part of the hull. I moved inwards towards the ship and i ended up fully in the bottom floor area. By this time, my trophy fish is starting to burn and smoke. So i go to rush to the 2nd floor and as im goong up the stairs and turning to run to grab the fish, the game moves me back to the bottom floor and this repeats for awhile, i would either make it to the 2nd floor and be glitched back downstairs or id be glitched outside the ship. This kept going. Up the ladder, barely touch deck, glitched into the bottom, move to the stairs to get to the 2nd floor, then id glitch down or out. I mustve tried 10 times or more and same thing happened every time. Now my ship is on FIRE. I keep trying because i had a decent amount of fish caught on board and didnt want to lose them all to a sunken ship via fire. BUT THEN it glitched me not outside the ship or simply in the bottom floor, but IN THE BRIG! I jumped all over and did everything i could to try to glitch back out and i was trapped. After about a minute of this, it glitched me outside the ship. I tried the other ladder and it made no difference. Same process kept happening. So i figure, maybe this mermaid statue is somehow messing my ship up, causing the glitch, because when the server reset, a mermaid statue spawned under my ship. I destroy it, no change. So i decide to try killing myself in hopes that that might change things. It did not. I respawned at the bottom floor. Now theres a hole in my hull and the whole bottom floor is under water. I get to the stairs and try pailing the water onto the 2nd floor fires but the glitch kept throwing me outside the ship or back to the bottom floor. I absolutely SPAMMED my "record what happened" button and it wouldnt capture and i tried to record my gameplay at the start but xbox decided not to let me record what i was seeing either. So no recording and no captures to show this extreme glitch. After a 5 minute struggle, knowing all was lost and i couldnt prove what happened to hope it gets fixed ASAP. I closed the game and here i am trying to document before i forget every detail. I am going to copy and paste this all over SoT youtube videos hoping the devs will see it. I am going to see if i can email them directly as well. I am a 3 week new player. Probably 100 hours logged already. And this is the LAST thing new players should experience. This is game breaking. NOTHING close to this ever happened before this update. PLEASE HELP GET WORD TO THE DEVS AND IF YOU EXPERIENCE THIS MAJOR GLITCH, RECORD EVERYTHING YOU CAN.
Ancient Skeleton
Ancient Skeleton Vor 26 Tage
@The Voices Told Me To Again let me see, a ton of TT related bugs with restarting,the no-clip ships and that weird thing guns do once in a while,those were the main things they patched
The Voices Told Me To Again
@Ancient Skeleton If what they talked about in the patch notes is what i experienced, glad they got it figured out relatively quick. Thanks for letting me know.
Ancient Skeleton
Ancient Skeleton Vor 26 Tage
@The Voices Told Me To Again more like a patch then an update
The Voices Told Me To Again
@Ancient Skeleton I havent played since it happened, was there an update?
Ancient Skeleton
Ancient Skeleton Vor 27 Tage
Yup I know this prob,todays patch notes patched it tho!
mom made pancakes
mom made pancakes Vor 29 Tage
I really want this game but I have a PlayStation and my computer can't run it. ):
Вася Красова
2nd tale is the most bugged thing i ever played
Cptain Von Richt
Welcome to sea of ​​bugs where we recycle cosmetic of different colors and how we paid a fortune to Disney for Jack Sparrow now we will take it out of your eyes .
Cptain Von Richt
Cptain Von Richt Vor 20 Tage
@Bird Fugger Ok thanks
Bird Fugger
Bird Fugger Vor 28 Tage
Hey it would help to check it out
Movie Trailer Reaction
This trailer is amazing, I created a video reaction 😍 Here is it: debins.info/dash/m2Way32gpbB-bJU/video.html
Min Pyae Sone
Min Pyae Sone Vor Monat
They put Captain Jack Sparrow but the voice actor is not Jonny Depp, I feel good and bad at the same time.
Bird Fugger
Bird Fugger Vor 28 Tage
Cann u chec it out
miko foin
miko foin Vor Monat
"I have a rendezvous beyond my beloved horizon" -Jack Sparrow Guess we know what he meant by that after 4 years
Jonathan Edwards
That’s Captain infernal noise to you mate! I just watch this again and again and it never gets less awesome
Tuneup Mechanic
Tuneup Mechanic Vor Monat
When u uninstall sea of thieves=sad no more cool events when they add a new event and it is pirates of the Caribbean=GAME INSTALL NOW
miko foin
miko foin Vor Monat
Maybe man'o war can come with this update?
Angie Thanet
Angie Thanet Vor Monat
Johnny depp is the one who made pirate famous i only went to the theatre to see beloved JD take his role as captain jack sparrow and after that Disney reportedly fired him from the franchise the one made that character famous and again using the influence of johnny depp/captain jack sparrow to make money
TropicJosh Vor Monat
Please add ‘Hoist the Colours’ as a shanty!!!
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Vor Monat
“Hear me my daughter “ Is this the disembodied voice of the Old Mother?
Vortex Gaming
Vortex Gaming Vor Monat
Holy crap this is epic
XxBella does gamingxX
I cnt wait to play
SAMU- R4I Vor Monat
Che sia il caso di riaprire questo gioco😏?
SAMU- R4I Vor Monat
@wnnalis cioov?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Vor Monat
Kraken face reveal
Comandante Cerdito
I left this game behind long ago because I never finished liking the combat mechanics and the way to move items from one place to another. carry a key with one hand and not be able to do anything else, for example. I'm sorry if someone doesn't like what I'm saying, but it's a game that could get more out of it, if they changed that unattractive system. Also the way in which the items are changed, there is not even a circular dial to change the type of cannon balls, I insist that it is a very old-fashioned system for such a good game.
Zumsl Vor Monat
Verry sad that this is an xbox exclusive... there shouldn’t be such things
Dommoo2 Vor Monat
If I can't play the Pirates of the Caribbean theme on my hurdy-gurdy I'm going to Riot
miszKa Vor Monat
this game sucks now... a lot of micropayments and too much quests. toxic people and more.. uhg great job Rare!
alida flus
alida flus Vor Monat
see what services it will provide!
JadGlad Vor Monat
Why are the people British
Nick William
Nick William Vor Monat
I’m just happy to see Johnny Depp getting work still… Best dam pirate ever! Edit: just found out he is not voicing Captain Jack Sparrow in this, so sad.
alida flus
alida flus Vor Monat
Atleast one campaign. Still no real pvp or ship pvp update. Sure you can kinda customize the way your ship looks, you still can't give it a name, choose the armaments etc
armyforlife3 Vor Monat
Horrible graphics
PureAutism Vor Monat
Now that's got to be the best tall tale I've ever seen...
Дидеь Vor Monat
Maybe man'o war can come with this update?
Pirate Eagle Fang
So let me get this straight...Disney cancels not only "POTC - Armada of the Damned," "Pirates of the Caribbean Online (POTCO)," and Disney Infinity/POTC aspect...they now want to meddle into Sea of Thieves? Really, Disney? Shameful!
Pirate Eagle Fang
Disney cares only about MONEY, not gamers nor their interests! Savvy?
ArmypUg333 Vor Monat
I know it’s an Xbox exclusive but I just wish it was on ps4 so we could play.
XRL Simp
XRL Simp Vor Monat
Can't wait
Cyberbetty 2077
Cyberbetty 2077 Vor Monat
Kraken face reveal
Shane Hernandez
Shane Hernandez Vor Monat
We have our heading.
L T Vor Monat
We need a character creation menu and not have to rely on RNG.
L T Vor Monat
I hope the sea of the damned is an open world expansion and not just a set path like a Disney ride.
AniVey Vor Monat
GG Love you sea of thieves
Todd Garver
Todd Garver Vor Monat
Disney wants to replace Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in the films but has no problem leaning on his image in the meantime for money.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Vor Monat
if davy said “do you fear ... death” at the end ... I WOULDVE PASSED OUT😂
Perfect Vor Monat
Drink up me harties yo hooo !!!
Sweet Nerevar
Sweet Nerevar Vor Monat
Atleast one campaign. Still no real pvp or ship pvp update. Sure you can kinda customize the way your ship looks, you still can't give it a name, choose the armaments etc
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Vor Monat
Now I needa get a new crew together 😂
Emir Gülerhan
Emir Gülerhan Vor Monat
What a gameplay
suricata rabiosa
Sorry but this is a new game or an update for sea of thieves?
JC Vor Monat
I've never been so hyped for a game update before! I can't wait to see this in game!!
MxttStrxfe Vor Monat
JonatasMonte Vor Monat
Forget Jack Sparrow (glad he's back though), that is *DAVY* "heartless" *JONES!*
Kayden Andrews
Kayden Andrews Vor Monat
We now know what the Kracken looks like, these rumors shall spread across the seas
R. Cherry
R. Cherry Vor Monat
Johnny Deep isn’t the voice actor so me no like
Aaron McGlohn
Aaron McGlohn Vor Monat
Too bad Johnny Depp isn't getting any royalties. The way Disney has treated him is down right disgusting.
jason benet
jason benet Vor Monat
This is awesome but i waiting for a one piece expansión
Js Master
Js Master Vor Monat
This the same dude that voiced Jack Sparrow in Kingdom Hearts 3, right? Because I recalled him sounding hella much like Johnny Depp when I played KH3. Glad to see him back to reprise the role, but most unfortunate we didn’t get Depp. Understandable, since he doesn’t do video game voice overs.
Ancient Skeleton
Finnally someone who ACTUALLY understands why it isnt depp.
miraak Vor Monat
I wish my pc can handle sea of thieves this looks sick
thereeguy123 Vor Monat
Beeboy Fourth
Beeboy Fourth Vor Monat
Fix hit reg
AlfredWentAway Vor Monat
this is epic.
Netick Vor Monat
POV You are playstation player😭
Ethen Heard
Ethen Heard Vor Monat
Now I needa get a new crew together 😂
Grant Jared
Grant Jared Vor Monat
So, when do all of the characters get revamped to have more realistic features like Jack Sparrow does?
KuronoPwns Vor Monat
Stavros Vor Monat
0:13 is that Queen Anne's Revenge?
Александр Острожков
WIll the game have music from movies?
The Ghostface produces
I hope Jack sparrow's costume will be free or will be free at the end of a tall tale than to cost money in the pirate emporium
my name
my name Vor Monat
Ok I need a team of players for this 🤣
koksu141 Vor Monat
Good job guys
kłaczix 771
kłaczix 771 Vor Monat
Vez Vor Monat
Do we get the ferryman sword on this new update?
Rodrigo Torezin
Rodrigo Torezin Vor Monat
When will hackers no longer be a problem? Last time a guy came flying invisible onboard, he could walk on water and kill everyone no matter what...
Bat2theMan Vor Monat
SO EXCITED!!!!🤩 but I still can't name my ship...😔
R Tudor
R Tudor Vor Monat
No Johnny Depp ? :(
jdjdjdjd jdjdjdjd
PS4 please
V Vor Monat
Who are voice actors?
Random user
Random user Vor Monat
HskY-Nova Vor Monat
If you can get those tattered sails. That will be lit
h20sho Games
h20sho Games Vor Monat
Playstation users complain that they can't play it. Just get and xbox or pc instead of crying about it.
Just Lilly
Just Lilly Vor Monat
This looks absolutely amazing
Hellcrusher Gaming
That gotta be the best update I've ever seen!
It’s Jaden
It’s Jaden Vor Monat
please bring it to PlayStation
Kevin Kocher
Kevin Kocher Vor Monat
Disney Johnny depp did nothing wrong justice for Johnny
Naamloos Vor Monat
Why not for PS4 or PS5? 😭😭😭
Klaus Jensen
Klaus Jensen Vor Monat
I really like the game. And this update look so cool. But the hunt for cosmetic only is just not enough for me and my friends. But we look forward for the story in this update.
Rick Vor Monat
this trailer was pure chaos
One Scale
One Scale Vor Monat
Craig Wortham
Craig Wortham Vor Monat
Damn. I feel stupid for telling that one guy on the forums that Pirates of the Caribbean music would never come to SoT. What a time to be alive.
Charles Lescoe
Charles Lescoe Vor Monat
This looks great and will actually bring me back to Sea of thieves but I swear if I’m doing this story stuff and I get trolled. And spawn killed by greifers ruining it I will uninstall it again just as fast because that’s the reason I left in the first place
Christopher Emrick
Friend of mine and I are convinced this story was originally supposed to feature Duke in place of Jack, not sure whether or not to be sad about that idea or not.
TheNoobyFraps Vor Monat
The melee combat is still absolute trash! Why hasn't it been changed yet? Fix what you have first, and then add more content.
Blitzkrieg Vor Monat
0:43 won’t be that way anymore
Stop with the cosmetics and add a varieties of weapon to buy and the word of sea of thieves is magical make the playe to have magic power. trial for a week
Fenrir Strange
Fenrir Strange Vor Monat
Get the real Depp to voice it
Kfir Drake
Kfir Drake Vor Monat
I wonder if Jack Sparrow will get to meet KanieCow
Karlmitchel Antaran
Can't wait Peenoiseplays to play this...
DizHavoc Vor Monat
You better add a new shanti
Dioble Vor Monat
I think I need to start playing Sot again, and welcome Captain Jack Sparrow
Yeeet Kings
Yeeet Kings Vor Monat
Finally somthing good come to sea of theives think you 👍👍👍😝😍😄😊