Tips from the Emergency Room: NO EATING #shorts MuFKR.com 

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1 Apr 2021



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Veggy Vaggy
Veggy Vaggy Vor Stunde
Hah! Already prepared for it, i can easily go a day and be like "oh f*** food right...meeh, ill eat tomorrow"
t0omm _
t0omm _ Vor 3 Stunden
just got shouted at in lowercase letters
Adrienne Smothers
Adrienne Smothers Vor 4 Stunden
But you will give me enough apple juice to drown in
Pixelated Grapefruit
Pixelated Grapefruit Vor 4 Stunden
what if i eat then get in some life threatening situation and need surgery ._. tf am i gonna do
plaxis _exists
plaxis _exists Vor 4 Stunden
No eating in the er mothefuqers :) I spilled my milk
Drunken Dwarf
Drunken Dwarf Vor 4 Stunden
If I'm in the er get grandma to put me out of my misery before this guy does.
Michael Brew
Michael Brew Vor 5 Stunden
This seems very passive aggressive
Jacob C
Jacob C Vor 5 Stunden
You are weird
Aiden Renigar
Aiden Renigar Vor 5 Stunden
This weird
A Leaf
A Leaf Vor 6 Stunden
I couldn't eat properly for like a week just to have a camera shuved up my ass but know I don't eat at all and I hate eating all because of a camera being sued up my ass
Nas Vor 6 Stunden
Always tell the person why and not just tell them.
Yoda Vor 7 Stunden
Not eating ain’t even that bad so I’m good with not eating in the ER
Vishant Rai
Vishant Rai Vor 9 Stunden
I don't even know his guy and yet I wouldn't be offended if he called me a motherfucker like that. Damn...
Pseudo Mortality
Pseudo Mortality Vor 9 Stunden
If I ever go to the er and see this guy, I’m going back to the parking lot to die
Eternalnerd Vor 14 Stunden
This guy is so hateable
m i e k o c h i i
m i e k o c h i i Vor 15 Stunden
“You’re gonna choke and then you’re gonna die!” Proceeds to: 😄
Pinecone !
Pinecone ! Vor 15 Stunden
This guy's smile while he talks about serious subjects makes me think he's on the same level of insane as Sephiroth or something
Neil Chambers
Neil Chambers Vor 15 Stunden
I wish you would eat then have surgery! Thank you
WANDY Butt Vor 17 Stunden
This guy creeps the shit out of me
izuku MiDoRyIa
izuku MiDoRyIa Vor 18 Stunden
Why do u keep saying " motherfuckers" Well smileing
Cassie Moody
Cassie Moody Vor 20 Stunden
That last line, I’m literally crying from laughing so hard. If my surgeon said “no eating in the ER motherfucker” just like that I wouldn’t need anesthesia after laughing so hard.
EL3CTR1C4L GT Vor 20 Stunden
cap cypher
cap cypher Vor 21 Stunde
Plot twist you'll die of hunger
Lana Franklin
Lana Franklin Vor 21 Stunde
But what if you didn’t know it would happen and you eat?
Ana Kelly
Ana Kelly Vor 21 Stunde
Should I be concerned that he explains these horrors with a chipper attitude and a big smile?
J Cooper
J Cooper Vor 22 Stunden
Loves his tiktoks
Harry Hidson
Harry Hidson Vor 22 Stunden
Wow I hate you from one video
Socially 4wkward
Socially 4wkward Vor 22 Stunden
“No eating in the ER motherfuckerssss”
3StarLogo Vor 22 Stunden
I was told by the Dr to not eat until the next day and within an hr I was given a burger and fries by the cafe cause it was dinner time. ( I got in the morning of lol.
Shavoya Dillon
Shavoya Dillon Vor 22 Stunden
OMG you are hilarious 😂😂😂... I'm gonna subscribe
Isaac Vor 23 Stunden
What happens if sure I haven’t eaten but I got a big log at the river dam. If that dam gets relaxed does it break and let the log go down the stream like a missile?
The Fandom Hero
The Fandom Hero Vor 23 Stunden
One time in the 4th or 5th grade I was eating strawberries (I was swallowing them whole damnit) I tried to swallow a big strawberry and I started to choke So I just used my throat muscles and push it down I stopped eating strawberries like that... Its 2021 and that was 2018 2019 *Yeah*
ALM 50
ALM 50 Vor Tag
I want this man to be my doctor ps I fucking love hospital food, and the nurse thought I was crazy for liking it, its good, hospital food should be on postmates or uber eats
Sophie, Yoshito and Mocha!
**slowly chews cheeseballs**
Trevor C
Trevor C Vor Tag
What if you just ate and had to rush to the ER though?
UwU-Chan Vor Tag
This dude just loves to yell in lowercase
augstsh Vor Tag
Good to know! I thought that you werent supposed to eat just so that the surgeon doesnt have to deal with a bunch of chicken nuggets in the way
Party Poision
That's why they took the vending machine out of the waiting room in the E.R near me
Funny word Homo sapient
There was this girl I er that are starbursts and was mad at kid me because my mom was on a call and as soon as she gets picked up to her room she acts all tired and drowsy
appleluis Vor Tag
This is the definition of „ screaming in lowercase „
Tae bunn bun
Tae bunn bun Vor Tag
I ate sunflower seeds at the er once...
Brandyn Valdez
I love this guy is only more people were like him
Chili ice Cannon
Oh I want you to know don’t choke lol” stupid go get your eyebrows done you look so dumb
AestheticSunflower UwU
Hahaha I love this dude😂
lost_in_crowd x
That's how you make kids sleep
Luís Siopa
Luís Siopa Vor Tag
This all makes perfect sense but you sound like a douche
Cc_Cookie !
Cc_Cookie ! Vor Tag
Everyone saying how he’s telling us how we gon die tonight with a smile on his face: Me: wait gumball soup?
Bryson Miles
Bryson Miles Vor Tag
His voice so annoying
elliot Vor Tag
I love how he says motherfuckers
Kurapika Melon
This guy explains everything, even the obvious stuff, just to explain in 3 sentences why you will die if you eat before surgery.
Secret Official
itsreal MeZoX
dude i was waiting for the to end with out him swearing .
Random shit TV
I frigging love this guy, he's such a smart ass and I love it
Noah Maynard
Noah Maynard Vor Tag
I thinks its funny the way this guy says swears
Zaku 23
Zaku 23 Vor Tag
His so nice
sreediptaaa Vor Tag
he wants us to learn the harsh way
• l a k e l l a •
I love this guy
Pink Bi Rock
Pink Bi Rock Vor Tag
Im starting to like this guy
Tatorick Vor Tag
This guy seems super condescending and kind of unlikeable
William butler
Your fake
CSG _Whitishcube
I love this guy
erzebet6977 Vor Tag
My back is broken and I have to have a spinal fusion and I'm absolutely freaking out about having to be put under. This didn't help.
bryce rawls
bryce rawls Vor Tag
This guy makes me uncomfortable
You kNow WhAt HApPeNeS wHen yOu cHokE Y o u d i e 😀
Noriaki Kakyoin
I think I’m just going to stop eating just in case I need to get rushed to the ER
ABK Vor Tag
One of my worst fears is having a long constipation strike and my body shitting during surgery Is it possible for that to happen?
Michelle Craven
U better shut the fuck up oh and why wont he come say it to my face
Jason Hardy
Jason Hardy Vor Tag
I heard a story of a fella who had McDonald’s before surgery and they couldn’t give him surgery
Tj Vor Tag
Wtf did i just watch .
Fiches Vor Tag
Yo never eating again
Liberty Revolutionary
How about fuck the ER all together ...
SirBlameson Vor Tag
This guy looks really fake and also too real at the same time
Ben Huerta
Ben Huerta Vor Tag
You look like a prick
Hallowed Mimic
This guy scares me but makes me go “oOoh I get it” at the same time
Justin Flanigan
Ur great love the video
Watermelon Jesus
What if we get run over by a truck after leaving a buffet restaurant
Lombaxguy Vor Tag
I like how sassy he is and the “I’m sick of your bullshit” vibes he’s giving out
Chris Hegele
Chris Hegele Vor Tag
I don’t like you
Tc8 956
Tc8 956 Vor Tag
I’m scared
dragonlord Gaming
No eating in the er mfers
Carlos Rodriguez
I've watched every video and now I shall not act a fool when I'm older in a hospital
Harmon C .
Harmon C . Vor Tag
Omg why do you keep popping on my feed . Thanks for the info its cool but that voice of yours makes me wanna drink bleach .
Gunnar Heinrich
I always thought this was common knowledge.
Shwingle man
Shwingle man Vor Tag
What if I eat the emergency room?
Lonely Waffel
This man speaks out of spite that only service workers can speak out of
Riceball Vor Tag
Food makes you throw up I learned that the hard way and mother fed me cause I was hungry and I was getting surgery On my arm
Ivan Alvarado
Why these doctors annoying as hell
He should read a dr. Seuss book it’d be relaxing
Brian Green
Brian Green Vor Tag
Good job man. Let's divide people even further.
Thom Drolet
Thom Drolet Vor Tag
This guy is a condescending dick.
G M Vor Tag
I love this dude lmaooo
M Lanzi
M Lanzi Vor Tag
This guy is the most helpful, and informative psychopath ever lol
Renee Vor Tag
but what if i want to die-
Hypzz_Alpha Vor Tag
My mans really got sadistic passive aggressive written all over his face 😂😂 love this guy
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